вторник, 6 июля 2010 г.


2day's gonna be a good day.
i'm going to spend some time with my lovely friend after work. we'll go to swim and eat some rolls. mm. so glad to see them. not rolls :D

you know. i'm a great fan of cute pictures with food :D


want this cup.
uh. soon. i'll go to moscow. with him. want ta walkwalkwalk. make photos. and forget about this small lazy town)

Straight edge

Straight edge
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Not to be confused with Straightedge, the tool.
Examples of cloth patches a member of the "Straight Edge" movement may choose to display their beliefs with.

Straight Edge refers to a subculture of hardcore punk, which was a direct reaction to the sexual revolution, hedonism, and excess associated with punk rock.[1][2] In its simplest form, straight edge is a philosophy of staying clean and sober: meaning refraining from using alcohol, tobacco, and any other recreational drugs. For some, this extends to not engaging in promiscuous sex, following a vegetarian or vegan diet, and not using caffeine or prescription drugs. [1] The term was coined by the 1980s hardcore punk band Minor Threat in the song "Straight Edge".